Graduate Celebration Stories

A group of youth programs team outside STREAT with a graduate celebrating and holding signs saying 'you did it'

Recent STREAT graduate, Ethan, tells us about his STREAT journey and employment in a chef apprenticeship with one of our partner employers.

It’s good news Friday, and time to meet Ethan! Ethan walked through our doors in 2021 with a clear objective in mind, he wanted to acquire the relevant skills to become a Chef. And he has come leaps and bounds and achieved many milestones during his time with us.

Watch the video created by RACV, and learn more in our blog post below.

Ethan completed the Ready to Work Program with all the challenges that the pandemic brought, and we are thrilled to see him complete the Paid to Work Program as he continues to rock his Chef apprenticeship at RACV – just brilliant!

But we cannot describe Ethan’s journey any better than through his own words: “STREAT is where it started again for me.”

The biggest takeaway lesson Ethan found during this experience is something we all need when learning new things, a feeling of ‘I can do it’. “I always think when I’m in the middle of a bad day or busy rush, I just remember that I did this and if I can get through this, I can get through lots of things,” he said.

Looking back on the experience with RACV, he said: “[I] feel so privileged. It’s so nice that such an institution of a kitchen would give a job to someone with practically no experience in that area – it feels so great.”

Ethan also wanted to let our team know: “You all pumped me full of positivity and self-confidence, thank you for that”.

We wish Ethan all the best for a future full of bright opportunities.

If you are feeling inspired reading this post, or want to take advice from Ethan: “Get out of bed put on your pants, get to STREAT, and do something! [It’s] a friendly and encouraging place, you get taught how to cook – how good is that! You get real-life experience in a cafe, you get fed well, and you get someone to talk to every week – this was big for me.”

As we wave goodbye to Ethan, our Youth Programs transitioned and welcomed four graduates into paid employment with our partnered employers through the Paid To Work Program.

A STREAT graduate standing outside the Cromwell Street cafe with arms folded and smiling

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