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Back in 2007 when we were undertaking initial research to set up STREAT we stumbled upon a number of amazing social enterprise ‘failure’ case studies commissioned by REDF in San Francisco. These case studies became invaluable in informing key decisions we made during STREAT’s start-up. They also helped inspire our commitment to fearless knowledge sharing.

Right from the outset we’ve undertaken nearly 100 research projects with a host of universities, students and organisations. These projects have ranged from undergrad student projects to PhDs to large, multi-year ARC-funded research projects with teams of academics. We’ve also shared our stories and learnings in talks and podcasts, a bunch of them being included here too.

We hope the sharing of this knowledge might help with your own impact work.

brain food

Applied research we’ve been involved in, mostly with major universities.


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humble pie

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Case studies sharing our epic fails and fuck-ups along the way, including:
  • STREAT Enterprises Ltd – A Case Study with Swimburne Uni,
  • What the hell happened to STREAT Enterprises (and other key questions you might be wondering about STREAT’s impact investments)?

Streat’s story so far

A shared meal brings people together, to connect and to drive a sense of belonging. STREAT so far has been a decade of deep breaths and big decisions: “It’s undoubtedly the bravest and craziest thing we’ve done to date,” Rebecca Scott and Kate Barrelle, Co-Founders of STREAT.

Read the story of STREAT, including how to build a youth training academy to change the life of some extraordinary young people in Victoria, in our latest book, The Greater Hunger – a decade of sharing stories and meals.

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talks & podcasts

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