Our Team & Board

Our belief is that the only way you can solve complex problems is by bringing together diverse, multi-disciplinary teams. We’re a powerhouse of diverse and eclectic skills ranging from our hardworking therapy dog, Magic, to a team of over 120 people ranging from chefs, baristas, bakers, roasters, cafe staff and urban farmers to psychologists, allied health professionals, storytellers, admin people, changemakers and strategists. We’re proudly diverse and dynamic. And whilst we’re big thinkers and dreamers, we’re adept at turning ideas into action and change. Our culture is warm, inclusive, generous and we always try to invite more people to the table. But we’re also youthful, playful and energetic. We get shit done.


Bec terrifies and inspires us daily, and probably in equal amounts. She connects dots invisible to everyone else, and brings endless energy and enthusiasm to problem solving and reimagining the future.

Rebecca (Bec) Scott

Co-Founder & CEO

Kate is a profound people whisperer with a host of secret skills; if she can’t put you at ease with kindness and empathy, her therapy dog will.

Kate Barrelle

Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer

Elise is the superglue of STREAT, making sure we’re doing good for people and the planet, while spreading kindness, reassurance and practical advice.

Elise Bennetts

Deputy CEO & Chief Relationships Officer

Greg is the only CFO we know who can explain finance to anyone while also recommending a great 70s soundtrack to populate a spreadsheet to.

Greg Edelmaier

Chief Finance Officer

Cass is the MacGyver of STREAT; she can fix anything from dishwashers, to doors, to supplier difficulties and last-minute gaps in any roster.

Cassandra Godden

Chief Operating Officer

Magic is our therapy dog and is rated 109% by all of our young people. She’s everyone’s favourite employee at STREAT.


Therapy Dog & Branch Manager


Niamh is an experienced charted accountant with over 17 years’ experience in accounting, financial audit and consultancyNiamh is currently an Assurance Partner at PwC.

Niamh Hussey

Board Chair

Fiona is a leader in achieving social impact across areas including violence against women, international development, public health and disability. 

Fiona Sharkie

Board Director

Chris is a senior manager at MGI Dobbyn Carafa, he has experience in mergers and acquisitions, valuation, and financial modelling.

Chris Grelis

Board Director

Elinor is an experienced legal, risk and compliance adviser who has extensive experience working in service industries, particularly financial services and information technology.

Elinor Colaso

Board Director

Bec has an unwavering belief that the future is ours to create, and she fills us with the optimism and courage to launch headlong into it.

Rebecca (Bec) Scott

Co-Founder & CEO

Kate co-founded STREAT in 2009. She’s a clinical and forensic psychologist who is passionate about behaviour change, sustainable and impactful outcomes, and building bridges for marginalised people. Her award-winning PhD on violent extremism underpins Australia’s early intervention programs.

Kate Barrelle

Co-Founder & Chief Impact Officer

Haleena is a Human Geography Honours student who is passionate about how knowledge production can create a better world for the people and creatures living in it.

Haleena Nguyen

Board Director

Phymei is a public health professional who is passionate about applying intersectional responses to address complex social problems, particularly across areas including gender equity, racial discrimination, climate justice and mental wellbeing. Phymei currently implements mental health reform initiatives at the Victorian Department of Health.

Phymei Liu

Board Director

Olivia Hilton

Board Director

Daniel is a pro bono and community investment lawyer at Minter Ellison with over 5 years in legal and government roles. 

Daniel Komesaroff