Graduate Celebration Stories

STREAT graduate, Rebecca, and her employer at Nando's and STREAT support worker, smiling in the restaurant.

“Setting goals helped me – I am so glad I did it!”

Today we’re celebrating the success of Rebecca, a graduate of our Ready To Work (now known as Fast-Track To Work) program at STREAT.

Rebecca participated in STREAT’s Ready To Work program and transitioned into paid employment with our awesome partnered employer Nando’s, within STREAT’s Paid To Work program.

Rebecca told us why she initially decided to participate in STREAT Youth Programs: “I was looking for employment, and the other part was I wanted to make connections with others as in between finishing high school and starting STREAT, I wasn’t as connected.”

Rebecca showed dedication and a high sense of personal motivation to achieve and maintain her employment at Nando’s. Rebecca told us she was grateful for all she has achieved at STREAT, and was particularly grateful that Nando’s gave her the flexibility to change her working schedule so that she could begin university!

Reflecting on her experience through STREAT Youth Programs to employment and education, Rebecca noted that work experience at STREAT was beneficial: “It was a real hands-on experience and taught you things you couldn’t learn in a classroom.”

Committing to a weekly schedule that involves a full day of work readiness, work experience shifts and regular catch ups with key workers (and living your own life!) can be difficult to manage and stay motivated; Rebecca reflected on how she was able to stay on track during these times: “I suppose just coming in every day can be hard – because sometimes you wake up and don’t want to go in – which can be for lots of reasons – so you have to push yourself. Knowing that when I got in everything would be okay and that I didn’t have to stress about what would happen is what helped.”

Rebecca is a great example of what genuine connection and commitment to STREAT Youth Programs can look like; Rebecca gave this piece of advice for anyone thinking about joining STREAT Youth Programs: “I’d say just go for it – it might be anxiety provoking, but in the end, you definitely won’t regret it!”

Rebecca’s journey shows the value of everyone’s support to STREAT! Whether it’s getting a coffee or a meal in one of our STREAT cafes; getting your STREAT products and hampers from our online shop, or STREAT catering for your next meeting, or booking STREAT for an e-learning experience through our new learning and development team, STREATwise, it all adds up. Anyone who supports STREAT is helping support young people to achieve their goals and ensure that STREAT Youth Programs can continue to provide an opportunity for amazing outcomes for young people in the future.

Well done, Rebecca! The STREAT team is proud of you!

Want to learn more?

If you are or know a young person looking to gain new skills in work readiness and work experience, please email us at or call (03) 96294222. Or you can learn more about our youth programs, and apply through our website.