Graduate Celebration Stories

Young person wearing an apron and working as a chef, standing at a grill cooking chicken.

Today, let’s fill our cups with positivity!

We’re proud to share Jack’s story. He joined STREAT Youth Programs in 2021. After graduating from Ready To Work, he moved straight into our Paid To Work program and started in paid employment at Nando’s for nine months.

Jack’s story is inspiring to all of us – we’re so proud of his accomplishments! Jack’s beginning, like many other young people, started with a bit of hesitation, “I was hesitant to believe that it was something that would help me in the way it did. I had done programs before, so I was hesitant due to previous experience in programs.”

“The start was the most challenging, and what helped me overcome it was the youth programs team,” Jack noted. “They let me have the freedom to express myself as well as flexibility and lenience – I would describe them as lenient but strict at the same time. It made me feel like I had to get everything done but that it was my choice, making it easier for us all to understand.”

After graduating from STREAT, then Jack started a job with our partner employer, Nando’s. “I felt comfortable at Nando’s from my first day. It’s has been really good; the training and communication within the kitchen has been good, everyone assists me.”

Jack’s journey at STREAT helped him learn to be more disciplined and confident, which is just one of the many ways our programs can help young people reach their goals. “I learned how to be more disciplined. I couldn’t work a full day without learning how to be disciplined. I think it is like sports and that a premier league player would rather enjoy their life and family, but they train because they are disciplined – and know they have to in order to keep performing. I think there is a big difference between knowing something you want to do and the thing you have to do,” he said.

As Jack leaves our cups full of positive energy and purpose, we are also filled with joy when he describes what STREAT means to him: “It means everything. It saved my life. If it weren’t for STREAT, I’d be somewhere passed out – I had no direction before.”

STREAT is proud to have had Nando’s as our partnered employer for over five years, and thank them for their continued support of STREAT’s Paid to Work program and young people who are often in their first job! Thank you, Nando’s, for your commitment to STREAT Youth Programs and being so supportive and encouraging to young people!

Jack’s words perfectly sum up the reason why we are here; and why the support we receive through our STREAT cafes, and all our businesses, means the world to us. Every cup of coffee that goes out means more resources to support our youth programs!

Jack also wanted to share a message with the young people who might be finding it challenging to transition into employment or find their way on their own path: “I would say going in with no previous judgement is the easiest thing to do – go in with an open mind, be yourself and let the youth programs team help you!”

Want to learn more?

If you are or know a young person looking to gain new skills in work readiness and work experience, please email us at or call (03) 96294222. Or you can learn more about our youth programs, and apply through our website.