National Reconciliation Week

STREAT wholeheartedly supports a First Nations Voice to Parliament

“When we have power over our destiny, our children will flourish,” – Uluru Statement from The Heart.

As a work integration social enterprise committed to fairness, kindness and helping young people thrive, STREAT deeply understands and supports the importance of everyone having a say in their day-to-day life and future. We believe the Voice to Parliament will positively impact the wellbeing, development, and aspirations of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples and, by extension, will make Australia a better place for everyone.

Co-founders of STREAT Bec and Kate, and the therapy dog, Magic, outside of STREAT's flagship cafe, smiling at the camera.

During National Reconciliation Week, STREAT co-founders, Rebecca Scott and Dr Kate Barrelle, said;

“Since STREAT opened its doors in 2010, we’ve been working with First Nations young people, supporting them and celebrating their achievements. We’ve also seen the direct effects of systemic marginalisation, racism and injustice. Having a say in your life is foundational for wellbeing and belonging. Having your voice heard empowers and fosters autonomy, validation, engagement and healthy relationships. Everyone in Australia deserves as much, particularly our young First Australians. Which is why STREAT supports the Voice to Parliament.”

Why is this important? 

  • A Voice to Parliament will give Indigenous communities a way to have input into policy and legal decisions that impact their lives,
  • Having input will lead to more effective results,
  • Having a say recognises the special place of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australia’s history,
  • Having a Voice in the Constitution means successive Governments can’t shut it down.

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 STREAT are passionate allies in the support of First Nations peoples having a say in the issues that affect them.

We acknowledge and respect the diversity of our trainees, staff, customers, and supporters and encourage everyone to engage in curious, thoughtful discussion.