Thank You

Dear You,

Firstly, a HUGE thank you for supporting our work with young people

When a young person arrives at STREAT, they’re usually in crisis and just surviving.  They’ve often been marginalised from their families, friends and the broader community. Nearly all will be battling with their mental health and many also with drug and alcohol abuse. Or struggling with their sexuality or gender identity. Too many have been victims of violence. School has probably been tough too. They might be in trouble with the law. Or have been born overseas and fled their worn-torn country. Or been born in Australia to a family suffering from poverty, violence, abuse or neglect. They might already be out of home in foster care, in an institution, or couch surfing. Sometimes the streets are safer than home. 

We see their issues. 

We see them. 

And we see pure potential! 

Our sincerest thanks for supporting our continued work with young people. 

With gratitude, 

Bec & Kate (Co-founders