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Gender & sexual diversity: how to be an ally in the workplace

This e-learn takes us through sex, gender and sexuality while looking at why it’s so important to ask for people’s pronouns. Gender & Sexual Diversity will provide a deeper understanding to these important issues while digging into legislation, culture, some shocking statistics and how to be an ally and make a difference.


Our Gender & Sexual Diversity e-learn led to a 40% increase in confidence and scored 93% overall. Here’s what else people are saying about it:  

“I wish these resources were around when I was a teenager.”

“This was so awesome. The statistics were particularly shocking and powerful.”
“A kick up the bum to do more.”

Instructor: Dr. Kate barrelle 

Dr Kate Barrelle is a clinical and forensic psychologist with over 25 years of applied experience and a career that centers around people and their well-being. She moved to Melbourne a decade ago with her wife Rebecca Scott to co-found STREAT. This Melbourne-based social enterprise provides holistic, tailored support and vocational training to young people who are marginalised or disadvantaged. STREAT has worked intensively with over 500 young people to date. STREAT operates 11 hospitality businesses in Collingwood and across Melbourne CBD that provides the training experience directly for our trainees, and which also generates the revenue to cover most of the cost of the training and intensive support for our trainees. 

Kate is a dynamic and informed instructor and has delivered over 500 training workshops. She is passionate about translating research and knowledge into applied practice. Her current role involves the oversight of STREAT’s holistic and trauma-informed youth training programs as well as tracking STREAT’s M&E and impact. One of her favourite jobs is to be the handler of ‘Magic’, STREAT’s Therapy Dog!



learning objectives

 By the end of this e-learn, you should be able to: 

  • Identify the difference between sex, gender and sexuality 
  • Understand relevant legislation and workplace polices
  • Recognise and communicate why being an ally is important in the workplace and within society
  • Speak confidently regarding pronouns, gender and sexual diversity, and appreciate why toilets are such a big deal 
  • Put polices and processes into place to create a fair, just and equal workplace
  • Be an awesome ally for your LGBTQIA+ colleagues, workers and community members!


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